Speare Seeds has high standards and a commitment to the seed industry to deliver superior quality products and to find the best seed product for each customer.  We select seed from suppliers that can deliver the latest in research and development.  We strive to have our products out-perform and out-last all other brands.  Our products have been designed exclusively for the sports turf industry to provide turf that is tough, traffic resistant, drought tolerant and durable.

Speare Seeds’ primary importance is selling a great product to you.  But we are also very involved in supporting the industry where we can.  We are a contributing member of the Sports Turf Association (STA), Ontario Golf Course Superintendent Association (OGSA), National Sod Growers Assocation (NSGA) and the Landscape Congress.      

Our new Turf Genius® Self Repairing TF and Turf Genius® Self Repairing PR products are the most advanced self-repairing / spreading blends on the market.  Our mixtures can be used for not only sports fields, but in your own back yard as well.  With Speare Seeds you won’t be disappointed.

Kentucky Bluegrass

SPF 30 Kentucky Bluegrass

SPF 30 is a quick establishing (7-10 days) Texas X Kentucky Bluegrass. It is great for sports turf use especially for overseeding existing turf areas between games on athletic fields. SPF 30 has good traffic tolerance because of its high density enabling quick recovery after traffic events.

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Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass

Brooklawn establishes quickly and has aggressive Rhizome development which makes it an excellent choice in blends for sod farms and sports fields. It has excellent winter density and was ranked 6th among all entries in sod stretching strength tests.

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Bonaire Kentucky Bluegrass

As a Shamrock Type, Bonaire is a real workhorse in any blend or mixture where strong rhizomes, sod strength and wear tolerance are needed, all the while providing excellent  value.

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Shamrock Kentucky Bluegrass

Shamrock is one of the most aggressive bluegrasses available. It forms a sod so dense that it will crowd out most weeds. Shamrock exhibits early spring green-up and remains  dark green and dense all season long. Shamrock was developed with quick establishment in mind and is wear tolerant as it repairs itself by rhizomes.

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Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

Approved variety by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA)

Blue Sapphire Kentucky Bluegrass

Blue Sapphire is a member of the newest generation of big-seeded type Kentucky Bluegrasses. It has excellent wear tolerance, dark year round colour and good disease   resistance. It is suited for residential lawns, sports fields, and some golf course applications.

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Axcella 2 Annual Ryegrass

Developed from unique dwarf annual ryegrass plants that exhibit greater shoot density, narrower leaf blades, less vertical leaf growth and a darker green leaf colour than standard  annual ryegrass cultivars. Axcella 2 exhibits strong seedling vigor for a weed-free turf.

A popular usage is by itself as a quick cover that is expected to over-winter if seeded in the fall. This has been very useful on athletic fields that receive almost constant playing pressure.

Barbeta Perennial Ryegrass

Barbeta is a creeping perennial ryegrass with pseudo-stolons found in the Turf Genius® Self-Repairing PR (RPR) Mixture. Contains high amounts of endophytes and rates #1 in intense wear tolerance such as tournaments.

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Manhattan 5 Glr Perennial Ryegrass

Approved variety by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA). While bred to withstand attacks of Gray Leaf Spot, Manhattan 5 GLR also possesses salt tolerance, and resistance to not only stem rush but also leaf spot. Its dark colour, fine texture and excellent drought tolerance gives this variety top performance.

IQ Perennial Ryegrass

IQ is an elite new generation perennial ryegrass that has very dark green colour. Enhanced with 70% endophyte, which provides resistance to a number of leaf and crown feeding pests.

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Plateau Perennial Ryegrass

Plateau is a new cultivar which exhibits excellent turf performance over a wide range of conditions and climate regions. A strong disease resistance package provides Plateau Perennial Ryegrass with excellent resistance to gray leaf spot, dollar spot and red thread. Plateau's growth habits and leaf texture provide for outstanding turf density ratings.

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Fine Fescues

Ambassador Chewings Fescue

Ambassador is an elite fine fescue variety known for its dark colour, fine leaf texture, good mowing qualities, disease resistance, and insect resistance. It is 100% endophyte enhanced.

Bridgeport II Chewings Fescue

Bridgeport II is very fine leaved with excellent drought tolerance. It has excellent seedling vigor, exceptional density and fast spring green-up which makes it a natural choice when quick establishment and dense cover are a must.

Aberdeen Creeping Red Fescue

Aberdeen has fine leaves along with excellent drought and shade tolerance. It was selected for improved salt tolerance and outstanding turf quality. Aberdeen consistently ranks in the top 10 in NTEP data and has excellent dark green colour.

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Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

Boreal has a fine leaf texture with medium green colour and excellent density to reduce weed invasion. It performs well in sun or light shade.

Soccer Field

Oxford Hard Fescue

Oxford is very dark green, disease and drought resistant and ranked #1 for overall quality grown under shade. It has very good mowing qualities and excellent red thread and dollar spot resistance. Very good wear and traffic tolerance.

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Coronado Gold Tall Fescue

Coronado Gold exhibits excellent disease resistance for premium turf performance. It has a 90% endophyte level for improved insect resistance and has a very good tolerance to brown patch. Tolerates full sun to moderate shade and demonstrates superior traffic and wear tolerance.

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Fury Tall Fescue

Fury’s high endophyte level (82%) produces turf that withstands the rigors of heat, humidity and traffic. Fury is a dark green colour with excellent wear tolerance that will impress professional turf managers. In addition to the superior summer density, it produces a fine textured dense turf that is very attractive.

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Lexington Tall Fescue

Lexington has good brown patch resistance, dark genetic colour, early spring green-up and excellent summer stress tolerance.