After more than a decade of research and development, Tillage Radish® has been awarded PVP pending status and is now recognized as a unique radish variety. This means the Tillage  Radish® genetic profile is different from any other cover crop radish in the world. This also means no unauthorized propagation is allowed, so that farmers know exactly what they are getting inside of every bag of Tillage Radish® seed.

  • Superior genetics in every bag
  • Unique variety with over 10 years of research
  • Proven research data: Yield increases
  • for corn, soybeans and winter wheat
  • Industry-leading seed grower program
  • assures highest purity and performance
  • Reliable, dependable cover crop performance,
  • no unpleasant surprises
  • No early bolting, easier control

Tillage Radish has unique and exclusive genetics specifically selected for use as a cover crop

Desirable Traits

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Plant Variety


Cheap Imitators

Proven superior genetics Yes No
Consistent genetics in every bag Yes ?
Developed for aggressive
single taproot
Yes No
Developed specifically for
use as a cover crop by
Dr. Ray Weil and Steve Groff
Yes No
Backed by 10 yrs+ research Yes No
Documented yield increases Yes No
Controlled seed grower program Yes No
Traceable quality control Yes No
Late maturity, no early bolting Yes No
Seeding rates under 8 lb/ac Yes No
Tubers consistent; ideal for
cover crop
Yes No

Accept no substitutes. There are none.

For the best results with cover crop radishes, insist on the Tillage Radish® brand,
the only cover crop radish with proven claims.

The Tillage Radish® difference

Notice how the taproot drills straight down to break up compaction like no other radish. Despite the claims of other radishes there is nothing else like the Tillage Radish®.

The highly aggressive taproot

The Tillage Radish® taproot grows with amazing consistency all along its length. Root hairs grow from the tuber as well as along the taproot. But this taproot is hungry for nutrients trapped deep in the soil.

How deep is deep?

This carefully extracted taproot was grown for research purposes. These very deep root penetrations build soil health deeper in the profile than any other cover crop radish. The taproot opens  channels through compacted soil to enhance moisture absorption and capture nutrients for use by succeeding cash crops.


If you want Tillage Radish® DO NOT ACCEPT DELIVERY unless you see this bag.

Authorities have been alerted to the
deceptive claims of cheap imitators!

Tillage Radish Bag

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