Seeding Rate

Tantramar Mixture

This winter hardy alfalfa blend has been tried and tested in the Tantramar Marshes between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia over the last 10 years. Survival under these conditions makes this mixture, that includes our premium branch rooted alfalfa, ideally suited for wet or variable soil conditions producing branch roots if the water table is high.

70% Shockwave BR Alfalfa
30% Climax Timothy

15-18 lbs. / acre

Atlantic Mixture

A Bishops maritime mixture which is tried and proven over more than 30 years. Updated components make this a perfect all round hay mixture that is adapted well to variable drainage.

30% 4020 MF Alfalfa
45% Climax Timothy
10% Juliet Double Cut Red Clover – Coated
12% Barolex Tall Fescue
3% California Ladino Clover – Coated

15-18 lbs. / acre

Antigonish Mixture

For a hay crop that is persistent when conditions are marginal. 

65% Algonquin Alfalfa
35% Climax Timothy

15-18 lbs. / acre