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Forages and Pastures

Factsheets, Infosheets, Publications, Newsletters, and other information regarding forages and pastures.
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Expert advice on how to have the best lawn on your street

Follow these tips from ClubLink superintendents for a great looking, low-maintenance lawn that leaves you more time for golf.
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Lawn Overseeding

Turfgrass managers are constantly faced with the need to improve the turfgrass density and quality in sports fields, golf courses, and commercial and home lawns. Due to increased environmental concerns (real and perceived) and stricter laws regarding the use of pesticides, the options for maintaining and improving turf density and quality are diminishing. Concurrently, the call for “organic” lawn care continues to increase. Many turfgrass managers are searching for organic ways to suppress weeds, and currently extremely few possibilities exist.
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Statewide Overseeding Project

Statewide demonstration of heavy repetitive overseeding to improve low-input sports fields
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Fall Overseeding

Overseeding, or distributing seed over an existing turfgrass area to increase density, is a traditional practice followed by many turfgrass managers. Unfortunately, success in overseeding is not easily accomplished. To improve the chances that a high rate of seed germination and establishment will occur, it is often recommended that some sort of cultivation is done before seeding.
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