Why Choose Certified Seed

by http://www.seedforthefuture.ca/certified-seed.aspx
Why Choose Certified Seed

When you invest in certified seed, you invest in the future. Improved productivity, better yields, higher quality, improved resistance to environmental stress, better use of crop inputs and new marketing opportunities for your crops are just a few great reasons to make this investment. If you’re not already planting certified seed, we’ll give you 10 reasons why you should be.

1. New genetics
Better yields; pest and disease resistance; drought, salinity and herbicide tolerance; and improved nutritional profiles and end use qualities – those are just a few of the traits found in certified seed, made possible by years of research and development.

2. Quality assurance – guaranteed
Third-party field and plant inspections mean all quality assurance requirements are met and your seed is exactly what you expect.

3. Clean seed
Every bag of certified seed undergoes stringent production requirements and has minimal weed seeds or other matter.

4. Varietal purity
Certified seed uses systems to maximize genetic purity – making sure you get the variety you want.

5. Future Seed Innovation
Your purchase of certified seed gives seed companies the confidence to continue to invest in research and develop new and improved seed varieties for you.

6. Maximum use of other inputs
Certified seed offers you the best genetics and purest fields so you can make the most of your input dollars.

7. Access to new opportunities
When end-users are looking for specific varieties for their products, you can open the door to new opportunities and greater sales when you use certified seed.

8. Substance behind your word
The blue tag is your proof – grain buyers know they’re getting exactly what you say when they see the blue certified seed tag.

9. Access to premium markets
Do you want more than higher yields from your crop? Using certified seed is your ticket to premium markets like tofu soybeans or high oleic canola, to name a few.

10. Traceability
A quality assurance system means certified seed is traceable from day one – peace of mind in a marketplace that heavily values food safety and traceability from their products.